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"I wanted to give you a message to pass on, that you guys in Live'ly are doing a great job. Everything is very organized, you are very helpful and you never make mistakes and the food is delicious.


In the past 4 years we have tried all the companies in Dubai and I'm glad we found out about you cuz you are the BEST :-D"


B.H, male, Lebanese, 37 years - lost with Live'ly 27 Kg.

"My experience with Live'ly taught me one thing, your initiative to start your diet comes in synergy of two drivers, the will to change and stick to the plan by replacing your old habits with new and healthy ones, and a great team that shares their most sincere advise with us to make us see and feel good results, on the scale!"


Nationality: Australian
Age: 37
Weight loss: 13 kg

"My experience with Live'ly has been very positive since starting the program as a new year's resolution. I have successfully lost 13 KG simply following the food program with a little additional exercise.

The food is good quality and always fresh to the point where sometimes my wife wants to share it with me and the quantity ensures that I am comfortable and not hungry. The quantity also ensures that I am not uncomfortable from overeating which was previously a regular occurrence as I love food. I could once eat an entire family pizza myself and yet I was easily satisfied with the food quantity instantly.

The staff at Live'ly really do care about my health and well being and always give a little cheer when success weight losses are achieved which is nice and a good motivator.

Soon when I achieve my target weight I will try things on my own and I will miss the convenience of Live'ly.


Nationality: Jordanian
Age: 33
Weight loss: 17 kg

Stress, working late hours, pressures of everyday life and eating out most of the time, I gained a lot of weight and lost control over things - a horrible feeling. I desperately wanted to change that and to be fit again, but I needed a bit of support and guidance. A friend of mine told me about Live'ly, so I gave it a shot.

In the beginning I wasn't entirely sure whether I would be able stick to it given my hectic work schedule or indeed that it would help. However, after just a few weeks I began to see results, which motivated me to keep going. There are two great things about Live'ly: the food and the support.

The food relies on simple cooking and fresh ingredients. The menu changes every week and I never got bored. The portions are just right without draining you down. It's hard to believe that all the food I got in the box is just 1800 calories and there is everything from the main meals, to the vegetables, fruits, nuts and water as well - smart. And I love the nutrition labels on the containers - everything is meticulously calculated.

As for my nutritionist, Yasmine Haddad, her advice was always comprehensive and accurate. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and she helped me structure and regulate my lifestyle. It would have been very difficult without her, so many thanks for your help.

Combined with lots of exercise, almost daily, I lost 17KG so far and counting. My target is to lose 23KG. I can only say wonderful things about Live'ly and the whole experience has been satisfying.


Nationality: Emirati
Age: 28
Weight loss: 19.5 kg

"Joining lively helped me to change a lot of things in my life. I was able to change my life rhythm and food habits. I learned to change my life rhythm which was mostly focused on food, watching TV and sleeping, but now I spend less time doing those activities and I became a more out-going person who doesn't like to spend my day at home. Also, I started to love walking a lot. I used to hate eating fruits and vegetables, but with Live'ly's help I started to enjoy eating fruits & vegetables and I tried a variety of them. I don't think I would've tried them if it weren't for Live'ly.

Overall, I'm glad that I have joined the Live'ly program, thanks to their meal plan, the regular checkups and consultations with my nutritionist with the advices and recommendation/suggestion she use to give me I have become better person and more active."


Male, Lost 35 kg with Live'ly

I wanted to lose weight and someone recommended to me to join Live'ly and that's why I decided to join. I used to have so many bad habits some of which were eating junk food, and having only one meal per day. I was able to see and feel results from my second week on the plan. At the beginning the only obstacle was that I was not able to eat out as much, but eventually, I learned to choose and eat healthy food and have 5 meals per day instead of one. The food was great, the plan was not hard to follow and I was always motivated to continue and manage my intake.


Female, Lost  8kg

I was recommended by a friend to join Live'ly where I can lose weight and get healthy food delivered.
My lifestyle before I joined Live'ly was very unhealthy but when I started the meal program I felt happy, satisfied and it was easy to follow, I had no difficulties at all. After the first week I started feeling the difference and felt lighter.

I have tried many other diet programs in the past but got bored easily and got fed up from the same food, the great thing at Live'ly is that the food was tasty and the dishes changed daily and were different every week.


Female, 29 years Old
Lost 22 Kg with Live'ly

My life has always been a mess when it comes to food; at times I used to eat only one meal per day or eat anything my hand can reach; chocolates, chips etc.., on top of that my water intake never exceeded 2 glasses daily so I decided to join Live'ly to change my bad eating habits and lose weight properly.

What was difficult at the beginning was trying to change those eating habits, but of course with time I got used to it.

It took me around 2 months to feel the difference in the way I looked, and that increased my self esteem, and made me have self confidence all over again and feel healthy.

Now that I started drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily and have salads daily I cannot imagine not having them in my daily diet. I hated exercising but my dietician at Live'ly got me into the routine of exercising and her advices helped me a lot.
My Live'ly experience was one I will never forget. It helped me see things from a different perspective.


Gentleman, 43 years old
Lost 9kg with Live'ly

I've decided to join the Live'ly program because I wanted to follow a diet in order to lose some weight and because before Live'ly I didn't keep track of what I was eating and never counted calories. The accomplishments were that I did learn to eat healthy and eat small quantities.

All in all it was a good experience, and I thank Live'ly Team for guiding me into a healthier lifestyle and into learning to think before eating.

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Disclaimer:  Actual results will vary.   Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via text or email.  They are individual experiences, relfecting real life experiences of those who have used our product in some way or another.  However, they are individual results and results do vary.  The tesimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.  




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