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Our Process

Step 1 - Contact Us

Fill out our contact us form and a customer service representative will contact you within 2 hours to walk you through the program and process. We will also send you an introduction email with more details about our services, contact information and locations.  Your details will not be shared with any other organization.  

Step 2 - Dietician Consultation

The next step will be to schedule a consultation with your Live'ly Clinical Dietician. A thorough review of your body composition and health history is then followed by a diagnosis or your nutritional problem. Based on the above and together with your dietician, you set a personalized program adapted to your health, lifestyle and personal preferences.  It is at this time that a weight loss target in kilograms will be identified.  Our convenient location is on Zahran Street. 

Step 3 - Menu Selection

Next, you sign up for a Live'ly Meal Program and receive every day the Live'ly cooler bag of healthy meals at your doorstep, which you have personally chosen from Live'ly diversified menu.  We can begin delivery when you are ready and as soon as 3 days after the selections are made. 

Step 4 - Lose Weight

Finally, you will be closely monitored by your Live'ly dietician through regular follow ups that comprise numerous body composition analyses and sharing of information for sustainable progress.

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