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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the meal service work?
After a thorough body assessment test and meeting with Live’ly dietician, a personalized diet plan is set for you. Live’ly will deliver to you your menu food selections as per your personal preferences and the diet plan set by the dietician.

How much does meal delivery cost?
Pricing is determined by the number of meals you receive daily and your desired billing frequency.

How much does a consultation with the dietician cost?
If you decide to join the meal program, then your consultations are JD 40. Every consultation will include a thorough body assessment test (using Inbody 720), your results will be explained to you during an extended meeting with the dietician where you will be given a comprehensive nutrition assessment.

What kind of food can I expect?
Live'ly creates delicious, freshly prepared, energy enhancing and balanced meals. All meals are prepared as per the international hygiene standards (Live’ly Cuisine is ISO 22000 Certified). You can select among a variety of daily menu choices of many types of cuisines (International, Oriental, Khleeji, Asian, Western, etc..). You will be getting all your daily required nutrients that will keep you healthy and energetic.

How soon can I begin meal delivery?
Usually service begins 3-business days after your consultation with Live’ly dietician .

Do I need to come for a follow up with the dietician and how frequently?
Yes we highly recommend that you come for a follow up meeting with the dietician while on the meal plan. It will help you achieve better results. You will go through the body assessment test, then you will meet your dietician and discuss your result. Adjustments to your diet plan will be made depending on your achievement. Follow ups are recommended every 10 to 15 days.

Do I need to order breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week?
Our meal plans offer food 7 days a week but we can modify the plan to fit your lifestyle. We will help you find the right plan for you.

Can I look at menus or pick my meals in advance?
Yes, we will send you your menu two weeks in advance to select your options. We create thousands of meals that are all different using your personal profile and health goals.

How much weight will I lose?
This is entirely dependent on your personal profile (age, gender, medical & diet history), in addition to how many meals you receive from us, what you eat on your non-Live'ly days and how much exercise you do. Your results may vary.

How long will it take me to lose weight?
This depends on several different factors, including those outlined above. However, if you commit, then you will surely start seeing results.

What if I don't want to lose weight, but I need to maintain or gain weight?
Everyone benefits from healthy eating, whether you need to lose, maintain or gain weight. We're here to help you with your specific needs, whatever they may be.

How are my calories determined?
From a combination of your gender, age, height, weight, exercise level, medical and diet history.

What percentage of protein, fat and carbohydrates are in your meals?
Generally our meals contain 25% lean protein, 25% healthy fat and 50% favorable carbohydrates, but is dependent on your needs.

How are my meals delivered - fresh or frozen?
All your meals are freshly prepared and delivered Chilled, never frozen.

What is your delivery range?
Live'ly covers a wide delivery area in Amman City, Jordan.

How often and when will my meals be delivered?
Your fresh meals are delivered to you in a cooler bag daily at your home or work either in the evening (food for the following day) or in the morning – before lunch - (food for the same day). Once you receive your food, it should be kept refrigerated. Hot items are to be reheated before consumption. Deliveries can be stopped and resumed after notifying us 2 days in advance. These days will be added to your current meal plan days.

What forms of payment do you accept? Will you take personal checks or cash?
We accept all major credit cards, banking cards, checks and cash.

What if I live in an apartment or security building?
We will need access to your front door and may need a key or access code to gain entry or we will deliver to security as per your instructions.

Can I get meals delivered at alternate locations, such as home and work?
Absolutely. All changes in addresses have to be given with a 48hr notice. (2 working days).

How can you guarantee the safety of my meals?
Your meals and desserts are prepared under strict rules of hygiene food safety standards (ISO 22000). All containers are firmly sealed and wrapped to insure quality and safety.

Will my meals be safe until I can put them in the fridge?
Yes – Your food is being delivered to you in a cooler bag and through a temperature controlled chilled vehicle. The cooler bag is designed to keep your meals cold up to 2 hours, however, we recommend that you refrigerate immediately items with “Keep Refrigerated” sticker.

How will I know which meal to eat and when?
All your meals and snacks are clearly labeled and key nutrition information is mentioned as well.

How do I heat the meals?
All meals that require heating can be done in their containers (with the lid removed) by using a microwave oven or a skillet; except those placed in aluminum containers.

Can I freeze the meals?
All main dishes can be frozen; however, meal containers are not airtight, so we suggest using a freezer bag in order to preserve the food.

What do I do with the empty bag and meal containers?
You need to hand to the driver or leave outside (if safe) the empty cooler bag and we will replace it with a new cooler bag filled with deliciously fresh meals. The empty meal containers can be discarded after use and we recommend that you recycle them for a friendlier and greener environment.

How will I be billed?
All our meal plans are PREPAID. You will make your first payment after meeting the dietician. However, for renewals, your payment Voucher for plan renewal will be sent to you and payment should be done IN ADVANCE to ensure continuation of our service. If you fail to make the payment; food delivery will STOP and will only resume 48hrs after the payment has been made.

What is the cancellation policy?
All Payments are non refundable under any circumstances, you can only transfer your balance to a friend or family member.

What if I have to go out of town?
No problem. All changes in freezing or unfreezing of accounts has to be given with a 48hr notice (2 working days).

Can I cancel just one meal, or do I have to cancel an entire day?
You need to cancel all your meals for that specific day/ days.

How do I make changes to my meal plan?
You need to send us your menu choices for the coming week no later than Tuesday morning or our Cuisine Dietician will make the choice for you which might not always meet your taste. If you would like to make changes to your menu after it has been submitted, simply call or email us two working days in advance to accommodate any changes.

Do I need to input a credit card number?
No, we do not need your credit card information.

Do I get snacks too?
Yes, Full Meal Packages (breakfast, lunch and dinner) come with 2 snacks and sometimes more depending on your needs. The Morning Package comes with two snacks too, however the Evening Package & the Executive Package include the pm dessert/snack only.

Where are the ingredients purchased?
Our suppliers list include local farmers and HACCP approved suppliers. Our meat and chicken are fresh of local origin.

Are organic ingredients used?
We use organic ingredients wherever possible. Completely organic meals are available for an additional charge.

Can I get vegetarian or vegan meals?
Live’ly offers daily vegetarian choices for every meal.

I have several food allergies; can accommodations be made?
Yes, allergies and intolerances can be accommodated; depending on the level of accommodation, an additional charge may apply.

Do you have diets for specific medical conditions?
We specialize across the spectrum by helping people with their specific nutritional needs. Our Therapeutic meal plan is designed for this purpose and offers a special attention and monitoring of all your food selections and preparation. If you have a medical condition that requires dietary modification or a special diet, please indicate so in your client info sheet or inform your dietician. So, if you suffer from Diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, heart diseases or other sickness, Live’ly is ready to help you.

What is the difference between the Standard and the Gourmet menus?
The Gourmet menu includes a wider variety of food and of menu choices for every meal. However, both menus offer the same quality and quantity of food.
In addition, it is recommended for those picky eaters and those with medical conditions to opt for the gourmet menu.

What are the Live'ly Programs that you offer?
We offer an array of programs suitable for the different needs: The Weight Management program, the Therapeutic program, The Executive Meal program (healthy lunch package), The Women’s Wellness program (optimize conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding), the Youth program, the Athletic program and the Food Intolerance program (such as gluten / lactose intolerances).

What if I don't like the food I receive?
You select all your meal choices from our menus which offer different options for each meal. If it happens and you do not to like any of the dishes you select it, lease avoid selecting it in the future.
Your feedback is important to us and your dietician will work with you to find what works best, contact us and inform us of any inconveniences. We are here to assist you.

What if I'm hungry or there's too much food for me to eat?
Just let us know! We will work with you to adjust your portion size accordingly.

Do I need to speak to my physician before I begin Live’ly?
It is always advisable to speak to your physician before beginning a program, particularly if you're planning on losing weight or if you have a specific medical condition.

Are children's menus offered?
Live'ly can accommodate the whole family, including little ones and finicky eaters.

Can I add seasoning?
Our meals are prepared with a minimal amount of salt for health reasons; however, you may choose to add spices as desired.

Do I need supplements while eating your meals?
Live'ly does not recommend taking 'diet pills' but we do suggest taking a multivitamin and an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Ask your dietician for your specific needs.

What should I drink?
Being properly hydrated by drinking adequate water (and avoiding excess caffeine) is a critical part of nutritional health. We recommend you drink water even before signs of thirst appear (8-10 glasses daily). Minimize your consumption of alcoholic beverages and add in green tea daily.

After I am done with the program how can I maintain my weight?
During your Live’ly experience, you will be guided and supported by your dietician to acquire healthy eating habits and a good knowledge about the quality and quantities of food that you should consume. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.

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